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Little Brown Jug Scholarship

Scholarship FinalistsBelieve it or not, the Little Brown Jug has significance in places other than the football field (although ultimately that is the most important place!). For fifteen years, the Twin Cities Alumni Club has awarded the Little Brown Jug scholarship to a U-M student (from Minnesota) entering his/her sophomore year. Although the scholarship is not large (usually $1,000-$1,500), it is always appreciated and put to good use. This is a just a small part of the $36,000 it costs a Minnesota student to attend the university for one year.

Last year, the club held a major campaign to bolster the base scholarship fund. We received donations from nearly 100 members totaling nearly $4,700 (with donations ranging from $5 to $150). We even gained half a dozen new members as a result of the drive. Huge thanks to everyone who contributed! Our goal is to increase this scholarship over the next few years to help defray a larger percentage of the annual costs to attend the university. To do that, we will be looking to increase our endowment to support more scholarship dollars.

Your help is appreciated, necessary and tax deductible! In some cases, your employer may even match it! To make a difference in to a fellow wolverine's life, please use the University's Online Giving System. It will guide you through the process of donating to our scholarship fund. You can also support the scholarship fund by purchasing a Vintage Michigan Calendar.

Returning Wolverine sophomores from Minnesotacan apply for the Little Brown Jug Scholarship by filling out the online form.

Testimonials from Scholarship Recipients

I was the inaugural recipient of the Little Brown Jug Scholarship Award in 1990. It was awarded to an incoming sophomore who demonstrated academic excellence and meaningful involvement in the University community. The award's purpose was, and is, to assist with tuition and/or general costs of living. I used that fund for books and general living expenses, and it was very helpful!

I appreciated the award and the broader support of the alumni community during my years at Michigan so much that I became actively involved with the U-M Club of the Twin Cities after I graduated and returned to the Twin Cities. In fact, when the Michigan football team retains the Little Brown Jug (every year!) in its annual game against Minnesota, I think about the award and how nice it was to receive that kind of support from Michigan alumni in the Twin Cities.

As I reflect on the award, I also think of how important it is for alumni to continue to contribute to the fund, because out-of-state tuition for a year at Michigan in LS&A when I graduated in 1993 was $10,880. Today, according to U.S. News and World Report (America's Best Colleges 2005), tuition is $26,854 (out-of-state). That is before estimated room and board fees of nearly $7,000. As a result, Twin Cities U-M alumni need to continue contributing to the scholarship fund to enable the award to grow at the same pace.

But I can tell everyone, from first-hand knowledge, that the scholarship is extremely helpful to, and appreciated by, its recipients. Go Blue!

Jonathan Hobbs (B.A. '93)

Ritchie Jain, '04I would really like to thank the University of Michigan Club of the Twin Cities for awarding me the Little Brown Jug scholarship after my freshman year at Michigan . I really appreciate all the work the members of the club put in, and it really makes you realize the power of the Michigan Alumni network. Before even leaving St. Paul for my first year at Michigan , it was amazing to be welcomed to a gathering to meet other students going from the Twin Cities, alumni and upper-level students.

Considering how high tuition is at the University of Michigan for an out-of-state student, and that it is still rising every semester, every little bit helps and my family really appreciated the contribution I received from the Little Brown Jug scholarship. When you are acknowledged for doing good work, it drives you to work even harder and to achieve higher standards. I am graduating at the end of this year in December as an electrical engineer, and would like to thank the University of Michigan Club of the Twin Cities for their contribution in helping me graduate.

Richie Jain, '04

I continue to love my experience at the University of Michigan. Both my classes and extra-curricular activities are contributing to my overall experience. I’m staying very busy and engaged in exciting coursework and extra-curricular opportunities.

I just recently declared a Program in the Environment (PitE) concentration. This major covers both environmental science and environmental studies. I am interested in biology too, so I am planning to minor in biology and get a Bachelor of Science degree. I am sure that I want to focus my future career on protecting the environment. I have a passion for the outdoors that I would like to instill in others. Getting a degree at the University of Michigan will start my journey in that direction.

I have just applied to the UM Biological Station, where I plan to take a course on Ecology, this spring. The Biological Station is in northern Michigan. It is in an undeveloped area, so the courses utilize the land for fieldwork. Students stay in little cabins that have a very rustic feel. I was up there this past weekend for their annual cross-country ski weekend, where I skied a lot, ate a ton of good food, and enjoyed socializing with alumni and professors. I can’t wait to study up there.

The University is currently supporting a theme semester on evolution. There have been some great speakers on the topic. I like to take advantage of the abundance of great speakers. I have started a notebook of "Ideas to Change the World" that I have picked up from speakers.

I was just last Thursday (2/2/06) elected to the PitE Student Government. I will be representing my peers in making decisions about the program. For example, student government has done things from changing pre-requisite courses to buying green plants for the commons area of the environmental building. I look forward to making a difference with that group.

I am an officer for Enact environmental group, where I have been working on campaigns to have the new Children’s Hospital built in a green way and to get double sided printing as the default setting on campus. First semester, we spent some time raising awareness on the toxins Dow Chemical is releasing into a Michigan river, raising awareness about recycling in Ann Arbor, and making and selling notebooks made of recycled material.

I am also an officer for U of M Nordic Ski Club. We have gone on a couple trips up to northern Michigan to find the snow. I’m training to ski the 50 kilometer Birkebeiner Ski Race in Hayward WI, which is in a few weeks. Part of my training comes from the fitness workouts I have been doing at seven in the morning with my soccer team.

My soccer team had ups and downs this fall. For the most part, we didn’t perform to our potential. However, we did beat the number one ranked team in the nation. I got my first career start in that game, which was an incredible experience. It was a close game that kept the fans on their feet. We ended up winning in a shootout. We got lights for the soccer field this year, so the attendance and atmosphere at games was excellent. We had over 2,000 fans for many of our games, which was the second highest attendance in Big Ten Women’s Soccer. I continue to step back and really appreciate this University and all that it has to offer.

I feel privileged to be attending the University of Michigan. I thank you for your generous scholarship.

Lindsey MacDonald

2005 Scholarship Winner

MICHIGAN 6 Oct. 31, 1903 MINNESOTA 6
MICHIGAN 15 Nov. 20, 1909 MINNESOTA 6
MICHIGAN 6 Nov. 19, 1910 MINNESOTA 0
MICHIGAN 7 Nov. 22, 1919 MINNESOTA 34
MICHIGAN 3 Nov. 20, 1920 MINNESOTA 0
MICHIGAN 38 Nov. 19, 1921 MINNESOTA 0
MICHIGAN 16 Nov. 25, 1922 MINNESOTA 7
MICHIGAN 10 Nov. 24, 1923 MINNESOTA 0
MICHIGAN 13 Nov. 1, 1924 MINNESOTA 0
MICHIGAN 35 Nov. 21, 1925 MINNESOTA 0
MICHIGAN 20 Oct. 16, 1926 MINNESOTA 0
MICHIGAN 7 Nov. 20, 1926 MINNESOTA 6
MICHIGAN 7 Nov. 19, 1927 MINNESOTA 13
MICHIGAN 7 Nov. 16, 1929 MINNESOTA 6
MICHIGAN 7 Nov. 15, 1930 MINNESOTA 0
MICHIGAN 6 Nov. 21, 1931 MINNESOTA 0
MICHIGAN 3 Nov. 19, 1932 MINNESOTA 0
MICHIGAN 0 Nov. 18, 1933 MINNESOTA 0
MICHIGAN 0 Nov. 3, 1934 MINNESOTA 34
MICHIGAN 0 Nov. 16, 1935 MINNESOTA 40
MICHIGAN 0 Oct. 17, 1936 MINNESOTA 26
MICHIGAN 6 Oct. 16, 1937 MINNESOTA 39
MICHIGAN 6 Oct. 15, 1938 MINNESOTA 7
MICHIGAN 7 Nov. 11, 1939 MINNESOTA 20
MICHIGAN 0 Oct. 25, 1941 MINNESOTA 7
MICHIGAN 14 Oct. 24, 1942 MINNESOTA 16
MICHIGAN 49 Oct. 23, 1943 MINNESOTA 6
MICHIGAN 28 Oct. 7, 1944 MINNESOTA 13
MICHIGAN 26 Nov. 3, 1945 MINNESOTA 0
MICHIGAN 21 Nov. 2, 1946 MINNESOTA 0
MICHIGAN 13 Oct. 25, 1947 MINNESOTA 6
MICHIGAN 27 Oct. 23, 1948 MINNESOTA 14
MICHIGAN 14 Oct. 22, 1949 MINNESOTA 7
MICHIGAN 7 Oct. 28, 1950 MINNESOTA 7
MICHIGAN 54 Oct. 27, 1951 MINNESOTA 27
MICHIGAN 21 Oct. 25, 1952 MINNESOTA 0
MICHIGAN 0 Oct. 24, 1953 MINNESOTA 22
MICHIGAN 34 Oct. 23, 1954 MINNESOTA 0
MICHIGAN 14 Oct. 22, 1955 MINNESOTA 13
MICHIGAN 7 Oct. 27, 1956 MINNESOTA 20
MICHIGAN 24 Oct. 26, 1957 MINNESOTA 7
MICHIGAN 20 Oct. 25, 1958 MINNESOTA 19
MICHIGAN 14 Oct. 24, 1959 MINNESOTA 6
MICHIGAN 0 Oct. 22, 1960 MINNESOTA 10
MICHIGAN 20 Oct. 28, 1961 MINNESOTA 23
MICHIGAN 0 Oct. 27, 1962 MINNESOTA 17
MICHIGAN 0 Oct. 26, 1963 MINNESOTA 6
MICHIGAN 19 Oct. 24, 1964 MINNESOTA 12
MICHIGAN 13 Oct. 23, 1965 MINNESOTA 14
MICHIGAN 49 Oct. 22, 1966 MINNESOTA 0
MICHIGAN 15 Oct. 28, 1967 MINNESOTA 20
MICHIGAN 33 Oct. 26, 1968 MINNESOTA 20
MICHIGAN 35 Oct. 25, 1969 MINNESOTA 9
MICHIGAN 39 Oct. 24, 1970 MINNESOTA 13
MICHIGAN 35 Oct. 23, 1971 MINNESOTA 7
MICHIGAN 42 Oct. 28, 1972 MINNESOTA 0
MICHIGAN 34 Oct. 27, 1973 MINNESOTA 7
MICHIGAN 49 Oct. 26, 1974 MINNESOTA 0
MICHIGAN 28 Nov. 1, 1975 MINNESOTA 21
MICHIGAN 45 Oct. 30, 1976 MINNESOTA 0
MICHIGAN 0 Oct. 22, 1977 MINNESOTA 16
MICHIGAN 42 Oct. 28, 1978 MINNESOTA 10
MICHIGAN 31 Oct. 13, 1979 MINNESOTA 21
MICHIGAN 37 Oct. 18, 1980 MINNESOTA 14
MICHIGAN 34 Oct. 31, 1981 MINNESOTA 13
MICHIGAN 52 Oct. 30, 1982 MINNESOTA 14
MICHIGAN 58 Nov. 12, 1983 MINNESOTA 10
MICHIGAN 31 Nov. 10, 1984 MINNESOTA 7
MICHIGAN 48 Nov. 16, 1985 MINNESOTA 7
MICHIGAN 17 Nov. 15, 1986 MINNESOTA 20
MICHIGAN 30 Nov. 7, 1987 MINNESOTA 20
MICHIGAN 22 Nov. 5, 1988 MINNESOTA 7
MICHIGAN 49 Nov. 18, 1989 MINNESOTA 15
MICHIGAN 35 Nov. 17, 1990 MINNESOTA 18
MICHIGAN 52 Oct. 25, 1991 MINNESOTA 6
MICHIGAN 63 Oct. 24, 1992 MINNESOTA 13
MICHIGAN 58 Nov. 13, 1993 MINNESOTA 7
MICHIGAN 38 Nov. 12, 1994 MINNESOTA 22
MICHIGAN 52 Oct. 28, 1995 MINNESOTA 17
MICHIGAN 44 Oct. 26, 1996 MINNESOTA 10
MICHIGAN 24 Nov. 1, 1997 MINNESOTA 3
MICHIGAN 15 Oct. 31, 1998 MINNESOTA 10
MICHIGAN 31 Nov. 10, 2001 MINNESOTA 10
MICHIGAN 41 Nov. 9, 2002 MINNESOTA 24
MICHIGAN 38 Oct. 10, 2003 MINNESOTA 35
MICHIGAN 27 Oct. 9, 2004 MINNESOTA 24
MICHIGAN 20 Oct. 8, 2005 MINNESOTA 20